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Shaklee named Climate Leader by EPA

Shaklee named Climate Leader by EPA

I thought this was a great reminder that before it was ‘cool’ to be green companies such as Shaklee were already thinking about how to make our world a better place!

How often do you actually like a TV commercial?

I guess I could also ask how often you actually watch a TV commercial since you can mostly TiVo your way out of them now. So upfront I should just note this is a bit of TV perspective…
I had gotten home last yesterday after attending an all day conference on the concept of inbound marketing and was finally taking my hour to relax to watch my favorite TV show – Top Chef – when one of the new Prius commercials came on. It’s the one where the sun comes up and the Earth turns green but in the process you realize that it’s actually people dressed as the colors of the Earth they represent (brown = dirt, yellow=sun, you get the idea).

I love the concept.

We’re all made of and part of our planet and we need to shift our thinking one house at a time to understand how everything we do affects our larger world system. 

What do you do in your household to help our planet?