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Shaklee named Climate Leader by EPA

Shaklee named Climate Leader by EPA

I thought this was a great reminder that before it was ‘cool’ to be green companies such as Shaklee were already thinking about how to make our world a better place!

Get Clean and Green

What are you planning to give as holiday gifts this season? Someone asked me if they could give Shaklee products as gifts. We had been talking about the Get Clean kit and pack as the woman I was talking too wants to turn over the cleaning products in her house and was going to purchase the products. She started talking out loud about the fact that her sister is also interested in non-toxic products and she has a few close friends who are also interested…all of a sudden she realized instead of spending money on a bunch of random stuff she’s going to get everyone kits! I thought this was so cool and what an amazing present – I’d love one for sure 🙂