About Our Healthy Living Adventure

Welcome to Our Healthy Living Adventure!

Our story starts with me, Jenny. I’m a second generation Shaklee consumer and advocate and have been using the Shaklee Nutrition, Personal Care and Get Clean products in my home for years.

I’m extremely sensitive to the harsh smells of cleaning products and when I first started dating my husband, Tim, and would visit his house, I would get crazy headaches. Once I determined it wasn’t him (hehehe) I realized that he was using chemical cleaners and laundry detergent. I bought him the Shaklee Get Clean products as a present (so sneaky) and once we washed the linens a few times to get rid of the detergent and cleaned the house with the new products I was headache free!

The real ‘ah ha’ moment came for me a few months later when we were in the grocery store and for some reason we ended up in the ‘cleaning’ section. Tim was like “oh my gosh – this place STINKS!” It was like he suddenly got his sense of smell back and hadn’t realized how harsh the smells and chemicals were that he had been using.

We’ve had a combined Shaklee house for the last 4 years and are so passionate about how the products have changed our lives that we’ve started our own Shaklee business! We’re excited to share our Healthy Living stories with you!

In addition to our Shaklee business, I work as a senior manager of marketing and brand for a large communications company, and am the founder and executive director of The Mosaic Art Institute of Natick (www.mosaicartinstituteofnatick.com). Tim is an engineer in the aerospace industry, custom bike builder and bass player.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Jenny & Tim

Please email us at healthylivingadventure@hotmail.com

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