Wheat-free, Dairy-free, Oh My!

June 1 marked my first experience with what a wheat free, dairy free day could look like. I’d been thinking about going wheat free, dairy free for a while as I’ve been experiencing lots of stress lately, traveling to much and generally eating bad so I thought my system could use a break from all the bread (I LOVE BREAD!) and ice cream/cheese (I LOVE ICE CREAM AND CHEESE!) I consume when I’m not on a normal schedule.  So, today is my third day eating no wheat and no dairy. It’s been interesting so far and the one thing I’m really missing is the skim milk I use in my morning coffee. The first morning I drank it black – not working for me 🙂 The second day I tried a soy latte, better but still not crazy about it. Today I tried coffee with soy milk…SIGH it’s just not cutting it.

Any suggestions for my morning coffee? I need some help!!


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on June 5, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    Almond Milk. No nasty aftertaste like soy or rice milk.
    I prefer the sweetened vanilla, but I’ve used the sweetened original in cooking, and my very picky husband couldn’t tell the difference. We get Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. It’s shelf stable, so you’ll probably find it on a shelf, not in a refrigerated case.


    • that’s really helpful, thank you! I just bought Rice Milk today and if I don’t like it in my coffee tomorrow I’ll return it for Almond Milk. Thanks again!


  2. Posted by a.s. on June 8, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Jenny – have you considered replacing coffee with chai? Not Starbuck’s syrupy chai but like real, Indian-style chai. It gives you a nice same perk, but is much healthier AND you it tastes really good with soymilk (soy gives it a nice nutty flavor). If you want, I can pass along a good chai recipe to you or make it for you guys sometime!


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