My Shaklee Dream Plan

Wowzwers! It’s been quite a crazy summer and because of that the time I was investing in building my Shaklee business was put on hold. Monday night I felt like I was ready to get my business going again so on tuesday I attended a meeting about all the new opportunity that came of out of the annual convention this year. Growing up in a Shaklee house, my parents had Shaklee cars – a program where if you made a certain amount of sales each month Shaklee would pay for the lease on a car. I think my parents had 10 or so Shaklee cars before the company did away with the program. So, I can’t even begin to express how excited I was to learn that Shaklee has brought the car program back! Not only did they bring the car program back, but they’ve structured it in a way that doesn’t lock you into having to get a car – sounds confusing but really it’s so cool. Basically, when I reach a specific amount of sales each month Shaklee sends me a check for $235-250. I can then use that money for whatever I want – a lease or purchase of a car, my house payment, paying off school loans, etc. It’s amazing because the more I do in sales the more money they send me. For our family, we’ve made the decision to have one car so I think I would be more likely to take the money and use it towards our mortgage rather then a car and it’s really empowering to know I’m going to have that option!

I’m really excited about this next stage of my Shaklee business 🙂

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