Coming to you via the PlayWorks summer newsletter! Play safe all!

 1. Game Night after dinner: Take advantage of the longer days and have a family game of Triangle tag, 4-Square or Switch after dinner.

2. Game of the Week: Have 1 family member (including parents) learn and teach a new game every week. To take a break from the heat, explore indoor games as well as outdoor ones. (Four Corners and Sandman are great indoor games from the Playworks curriculum!)

3. Playful Incentives: Create playful physical activity incentives for your kids. For example, if they can jump rope 100 times, they get a lunch of their choice.

4. Take a family walk or hike: To keep your kids engaged, create a scavenger hunt for your family to complete as you go. Make a list of things to collect, such as an acorn, a piece of litter, or a clover. Make another list of things to see, such as a duck, a squirrel, a stream, or an oak tree.

5. Keep it fresh: Check out our Playbook to download FREE games to play this summer.

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