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A non-toxic Valentine’s Day?

I haven’t really thought about a Valentine’s Day present for Tim this year because we are going to be in London! So when I saw this list (seems like the week for lists!) about how to have a non-toxic Valentine’s Day it made me laugh! Love the idea of not giving your loved one something that’s bad for them and thought you might too so wanted to share – from Healthy Child Healthy World – for your reading pleasure. Happy romance my friends!

6 specials from Organic Bouquet:  (By the way, if you order from them using this referral link, Healthy Child gets 10% of the proceeds! That’s like two gifts in one.) Choose from Dozen Roses + Free box of chocolates, Dozen Roses + Free vase, Valentine’s Weekend Package (Friday gift of Roses and Saturday gift of select gourmet item or another bouquet of Roses), Extraordinary Rose Collection (3, 4 & 5-6 foot roses – World’s Tallest Roses) Gift of the Month Club (Flowers or Roses of the month – 3, 6 or 12 month options), or Valentine’s/ Heart themed baked goods & treats.

5 biodynamic wines, sustainably selected from The Daily Green.

3 handmade ideas: AlphaMom’s Valentine’s cards, a book made from a deck of cards with 52 reasons you love someone, and A Little Hut’s egg carton heart.

9 vintage valentine’s ideas for kids.

7 organic chocolate gifts.

24 ecofabulous ideas ranging from a bamboo shawl to salvaged cuff-links.

14 eco-options from the Alternative Consumer like recycled knitting needles and hand-crafted jewelry boxes.

13 eco-jewelry gems from Inhabitat.

9 random picks: Make a donation to a non-profit organization on behalf of the person, buy the person a gift certificate for an experience you can share, arrange dinner at a local restaurant specializing in organic or locally grown food, give natural body care products like Shaklee, buy an organic stuffed animal, make a homemade meal using one of these easy recipes, give a coupon book (for things like back rubs, sleeping in, etc), buy a fruit tree (a gift that keeps on giving).

Can I do it?

I’m writing this from a hotel room in NYC where I’ve been for the last few days which is one of the reasons my posts have been more spaced out recently. I have a crazy travel schedule over November and I’ll be very happy once this month is over! Not only am I extremely busy for my ‘day job’ but I’m also trying very hard to meet my next Shaklee milestone – becoming a DIRECTOR! To meet that milestone I need to have a group volume of 2000 and I need to sell one more Mission PAK. I think this is all going to be achievable but as always there are some butterflies for me around the big question of “can I do???”

One of the lessons this Shaklee journey has taught me so far is that the universe is here to support me. I know that sounds heady but I’ve just been floored by the outpouring of interest in the products, what I’m doing and a real sense of need around healthy living that has come from opening myself up to conversations. People who I wouldn’t have even thought would be interested or open to the products are coming out of the woodwork and not only are purchasing for themselves, but are also finding me new venues in which to share the products. To everyone who has supported me so far (and yourselves with the products), THANK YOU. You are the reason I think I can do this!

Mom on a mission!

I’m not a mom yet but I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for women who listen to their own hearts about what’s good for their families and don’t accept status quo (see my post about labels). I follow a group called HEALTHY CHILD HEALTHY WORLD as the site provides a gold mine of information and perspective on living toxin free. As I am part of their Facebook group I saw a link pop up today which allows you to nominate any woman you know who is making a difference with the environment  for their family and friends. The program is called Mom on a Mission and I encourage you to take a read at what these women are doing in their communities. The award started in 2009 so you have plenty of time to make a difference in 2010!

I know so many women making a difference but I wanted to share one small story that is dear to my heart – I have a friend who came to me as she wants to change over the toxic cleaning products in her house to Shaklee Get Clean products. Her reason? Her cat, who is a true member of the family, has been licking the inside of the bathtub and the hardwood floors and she was worried about what the chemicals are doing to the 10lb cat. We sat down on Monday and walked through the Get Clean kit and the steps she can take to rid her home of the ‘traditional’ cleaners she’s been using. While she’s making this change for her cat, I can’t wait to hear how she and her boyfriend feel once they stop using such harsh chemicals in their environment. I’m proud of her that she’s taking the initiative to listen to her family (yes, as a cat person I consider any cat and especially our cat Georgia to be 100% part of the family!) and make decisions based on what’s best for them.