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Can I do it?

I’m writing this from a hotel room in NYC where I’ve been for the last few days which is one of the reasons my posts have been more spaced out recently. I have a crazy travel schedule over November and I’ll be very happy once this month is over! Not only am I extremely busy for my ‘day job’ but I’m also trying very hard to meet my next Shaklee milestone – becoming a DIRECTOR! To meet that milestone I need to have a group volume of 2000 and I need to sell one more Mission PAK. I think this is all going to be achievable but as always there are some butterflies for me around the big question of “can I do???”

One of the lessons this Shaklee journey has taught me so far is that the universe is here to support me. I know that sounds heady but I’ve just been floored by the outpouring of interest in the products, what I’m doing and a real sense of need around healthy living that has come from opening myself up to conversations. People who I wouldn’t have even thought would be interested or open to the products are coming out of the woodwork and not only are purchasing for themselves, but are also finding me new venues in which to share the products. To everyone who has supported me so far (and yourselves with the products), THANK YOU. You are the reason I think I can do this!

What a weekend!

Mystic PizzaTim and I had the good fortune to celebrate the marriage of our great friends Sarah and Damond this past weekend in Norwich, CT. It was so relaxing to spend time with our wonderful friends, eat good food and just hang out away from the pressures of everyday life. I got my nails done, took a yoga class, got my hair cut, went swimming and had such a great time. I think it’s so important to step away at times and take a break. Stress is something that’s been creeping back into my life at a very steady pace given the demands of my day job and I don’t think I realized the toll it was taking until I really disconnected.

On Sunday for our drive home it was absolutely amazing out – a true New England Fall day – where the trees were literally bursting with color. Tim and I stopped in Mystic, CT to have lunch at Mystic Pizza (yes, I grew up with that movie and LOVE that place!) and the whole world just seemed to be calm and peaceful.

Here’s to everyone who took some time to celebrate life this weekend and gain back the perspective we all deserve and need!!!