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U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Teams Win With Shaklee

I got an email from Shaklee Corporation this morning with a really amazing fact (in red), so sharing below with you! 

Shaklee salutes the athletes on the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding. Twenty-five medals so far and counting! Shaklee is the official nutritional sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding.

The U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding have been working with Shaklee since 1980. The team relies on the quality and efficacy of Shaklee nutrition products, and we depend on Shaklee products to keep our athletes healthy.”

–  Troy Flanagan, Trainer to the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding

A non-toxic Valentine’s Day?

I haven’t really thought about a Valentine’s Day present for Tim this year because we are going to be in London! So when I saw this list (seems like the week for lists!) about how to have a non-toxic Valentine’s Day it made me laugh! Love the idea of not giving your loved one something that’s bad for them and thought you might too so wanted to share – from Healthy Child Healthy World – for your reading pleasure. Happy romance my friends!

6 specials from Organic Bouquet:  (By the way, if you order from them using this referral link, Healthy Child gets 10% of the proceeds! That’s like two gifts in one.) Choose from Dozen Roses + Free box of chocolates, Dozen Roses + Free vase, Valentine’s Weekend Package (Friday gift of Roses and Saturday gift of select gourmet item or another bouquet of Roses), Extraordinary Rose Collection (3, 4 & 5-6 foot roses – World’s Tallest Roses) Gift of the Month Club (Flowers or Roses of the month – 3, 6 or 12 month options), or Valentine’s/ Heart themed baked goods & treats.

5 biodynamic wines, sustainably selected from The Daily Green.

3 handmade ideas: AlphaMom’s Valentine’s cards, a book made from a deck of cards with 52 reasons you love someone, and A Little Hut’s egg carton heart.

9 vintage valentine’s ideas for kids.

7 organic chocolate gifts.

24 ecofabulous ideas ranging from a bamboo shawl to salvaged cuff-links.

14 eco-options from the Alternative Consumer like recycled knitting needles and hand-crafted jewelry boxes.

13 eco-jewelry gems from Inhabitat.

9 random picks: Make a donation to a non-profit organization on behalf of the person, buy the person a gift certificate for an experience you can share, arrange dinner at a local restaurant specializing in organic or locally grown food, give natural body care products like Shaklee, buy an organic stuffed animal, make a homemade meal using one of these easy recipes, give a coupon book (for things like back rubs, sleeping in, etc), buy a fruit tree (a gift that keeps on giving).

Fed Up: School Lunch Project

I stumbled across a new blog yesterday called Fed Up: School Lunch Project. The premise is that a school teacher has decided to eat the school lunch where she works for a year to help raise awareness around the need for better nutrition and quality of food within our national school system.  My mother-in-law has worked as a elementary school lunch lady for the last year and a half (she just ‘retired’) so this blog really struck home to me as one of the main issues my mother-in-law noted was the nutritional value of what they were asked to serve the kids. I want to be clear here, I’m in no way putting down the food that is served as I know for some kids this is the only good meal they get a day and that it’s offered to them either for free or subsidized. It just makes me want to get more involved in our nation’s conversation around the importance of diet, health and how what we feed our kids today manifests later life.

Free Shaklee Membership!

If you’ve been thinking about trying Shaklee now’s a great time as the company is offering free membership for new folks who purchase 50 PV (product points) worth of product now through January 16th. For example, if you decided to try the Vitzlizer strips  (the Vitalizer strip which you take once a day provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-aging phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics) you would get a free membership as it has 55.56 PV.

Rx for a Healthier Life

Sharing this video with you today as I sit here feeling run down from all the traveling I’ve been doing. I’m placing my personal Shaklee order for the month and immune health is top of my list at the moment since I just got back from a 3 day trip, have a 3 day trip planned for next week and then potentially going to CA the week after! That’s a lot of trains, planes and automobiles when everyone traveling with you is coughing, sneezing and looking unwell.

 Shaklee Videos: Rx for a Healthier Life™.


How often do you actually like a TV commercial?

I guess I could also ask how often you actually watch a TV commercial since you can mostly TiVo your way out of them now. So upfront I should just note this is a bit of TV perspective…
I had gotten home last yesterday after attending an all day conference on the concept of inbound marketing and was finally taking my hour to relax to watch my favorite TV show – Top Chef – when one of the new Prius commercials came on. It’s the one where the sun comes up and the Earth turns green but in the process you realize that it’s actually people dressed as the colors of the Earth they represent (brown = dirt, yellow=sun, you get the idea).

I love the concept.

We’re all made of and part of our planet and we need to shift our thinking one house at a time to understand how everything we do affects our larger world system. 

What do you do in your household to help our planet?