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Shaklee, Amtrak, REI, Timberland, Climate Industry Innovators

Congrats to Shaklee one of six charter companies – Amtrak, Ben & Jerry’s, Clif Bar, REI, Shaklee and Timberland who have signed on as charter members of the Climate Counts Industry Innovators (i2) project!

U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Teams Win With Shaklee

I got an email from Shaklee Corporation this morning with a really amazing fact (in red), so sharing below with you! 

Shaklee salutes the athletes on the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding. Twenty-five medals so far and counting! Shaklee is the official nutritional sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding.

The U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding have been working with Shaklee since 1980. The team relies on the quality and efficacy of Shaklee nutrition products, and we depend on Shaklee products to keep our athletes healthy.”

–  Troy Flanagan, Trainer to the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding

ShelterBox Can = Home

Life continues. No matter what happens in the world, life moves on. People forget things, new priorities arise. It’s in that vein that I post a quick reminder that we need to continue helping the people of Haiti. I came across an organization called ShelterBox <.org> an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide.  I really appreciated that they are trying to provide whole solutions for people and a sense of self. Food for thought item of the day 🙂

“How do you keep your coat so white?”

was the question of the day yesterday as I wore a short white coat I had purchased at Target. I was in Harvard Sq, Cambridge, MA and I had 7 people randomly ask how I kept the coat white. The answer – Shaklee Laundry products (Nature Bright and Fresh Laundry powder). One woman didn’t believe that at home laundry products (vs. dry cleaning) could actually keep something so white. I love being able to challenge someone’s perception around natural products not ‘working.’ 🙂

A Valentine for Grandma

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace.” Kahlil Gibran

Our amazing grandmother Barbie passed away on Valentine’s Day. I wanted to share her poetry and obituary with you as part of healthy living is celebrating those who pave the way and teach us what life means.

Here is the autobiography she wrote about herself:


loving, giving, loyal, devoted

child of critical parents

creative mother of four

musical grandmother of ten

lover of kindness, beauty, generosity

who feels free to be me at last

who need needs friendship,

companionship and laughter

who admits to being a very late bloomer

who gives understanding,

support and encouragement

who fears ignorance, cruelty and violence

who would like to see a society of justice,

tolerance and compassion

residing happily now, in Natick

Barbara Mellitz Krentzman
Barbara Mellitz Krentzman, age 90, of Natick passed away Sunday, February 14th after a brief illness.

Born in Bridgeport, CT, she married Edgar Krentzman in 1941 and raised four children in Fairfield, CT. Barbara received a bachelor degree in music from Smith College. In 1978 she settled in Massachusetts in order to be closer to her loved ones. Barbara earned a degree from the Gerontology program at UMass Boston and then used her knowledge and craft to work at Hale House, a retirement home in Boston. She led current event discussion groups and a music therapy hour for isolated elders. Barbara was a lyrical genius, a gifted poet, visual artist and brilliant pianist. Those who knew her marveled at how she could sit at a piano and master practically any melody, without having played it before and often without having sheet music to follow. She was instrumental in starting the Creative Connections program for seniors at the Morse Institute Library in Natick, an early board member at The Center for Arts in Natick and a regular participant in writing groups in Wayland and Natick. In April of 2006 she published a 52 page volume of her own poetry and reminiscences titled “Now and Then.” During the summer of 2007 she had a one-woman exhibit of her paintings at the library. She was known by friends and family as warm, outgoing, sincere and a great gin rummy card player. She was a wonderful mother, mother-in-law and grandmother, always baking challah, pies and cookies, and making delicious soups as well as other dishes that were coveted by all family members.

She leaves her children Nancy and Michael Lopin, Daniel Krentzman and Patti Sheinman, David and Carol Krentzman, and Judy and Kevin Dayton, and her grandchildren Naomi Lopin and John Osborne, Jonah Lopin, Aaron and Betty Lopin, Jenny and Tim Gomeringer, Nellie and Austin Goodman, Samuel and Sophia Krentzman, Nicole Platt, Mollie Krentzman and Collin Dayton. She also leaves loving cousins, nephews and friends. She lived in The Pettee House in Newton for the last four months of her life and her family will be forever grateful for the kindness and care she received there.

Healthy Habits by Delia Dorn

I came across another Shaklee distributor, Delia Dorn, a few weeks back and wanted to share her site. According to her bio, Delia worked as a chemical research engineer, product developer, and quality assurance supervisor, before she turned to Shaklee and I’ve found her newsletters to be very helpful and informative as I share Shaklee with others.  Happy Reading!

Money? Yes, Please!

I spent time on Sunday talking with a gal I know about the Shaklee opportunity. Her husband is out of work at the moment and she owns her own business so cash is very tight. Her husband takes care of their baby while she works, but he’s going out of his mind since he’s not contributing income to their household. They really want to supplement their income so I went through line by line how you make money building a Shaklee group and wanted to share with you as after I had written it down, I felt like other people might be interested in seeing the process – it’s from an email I sent to her so if some of the examples don’t make sense I apologize in advance!

 – Here’s how the earning potential works. You go out and talk to people about the products – this could be someone on your table who is looking for non-toxic cleaning products, someone J runs into at the store who is complaining about headaches, one of your friends who is looking for natural baby care products, etc. You introduce them to the Shaklee products that could address their needs and have them sign up as members under your Shaklee ID – this becomes your group.
– Every time one of your members (or a new member) buys product, you earn the difference between the member price and the distributor price (if you are sharing the products you have to become a distributor).
– In addition, Shaklee offers a range of bonus targets which include incentives on specific product PV (PV is product volume, and each product is assigned PV – for example a vitamin has higher PV then a house hold cleaning product) and milestones you meet building your group. One month I earned $200 just from bonuses!
– To earn a check each month, you must have personal product use of 100 PV (PV stands for product volume, 100 PV is around $140 a month) and your group must buy around 250 PV a month. What that means is that you use the products each month, share the products each month and then you earn a check. For example, Tim and I each take the Vitalizer strips, so we order 2 boxes of those which meets our minimum each month (and keeps us feeling great and from getting sick :-), we share the products to get new customers and work with people who want to reorder each month.
– The products are 100% money back guarantee which means people can return at anytime if they don’t like. The thing is, people LOVE the products because they work so well so I’ve never had anyone return the products!
– One of the amazing things about Shaklee is that people order online (I can explain that more) which means you never have to take money or have product on hand. It’s all done online and then ships directly to the customer!
Anyone wake up this morning wishing they had more money?