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Wheat-free, Dairy-free, Oh My!

June 1 marked my first experience with what a wheat free, dairy free day could look like. I’d been thinking about going wheat free, dairy free for a while as I’ve been experiencing lots of stress lately, traveling to much and generally eating bad so I thought my system could use a break from all the bread (I LOVE BREAD!) and ice cream/cheese (I LOVE ICE CREAM AND CHEESE!) I consume when I’m not on a normal schedule.  So, today is my third day eating no wheat and no dairy. It’s been interesting so far and the one thing I’m really missing is the skim milk I use in my morning coffee. The first morning I drank it black – not working for me 🙂 The second day I tried a soy latte, better but still not crazy about it. Today I tried coffee with soy milk…SIGH it’s just not cutting it.

Any suggestions for my morning coffee? I need some help!!