Happy 50th Birthday, Basic-H®!

Green Goes with Everything


This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day and Shaklee will be celebrating a significant milestone of its own, the 50th anniversary of Basic-H®, one of the first nontoxic, biodegradable cleaners in the world!

In honor of this amazing product, here are a few fun tips around how you can use it to clean!

  • Window Cleaner for less than a penny a bottle! Mix only 2 drops in 16 oz spray bottle of water.
  • General Cleaner for less than 3 cents a bottle! Mix 1/4 tsp in 16 oz spray bottle of water and clean doors, walls, woodwork, appliances, bathroom fixtures & tile.
  • Floors:  1 Tbsp per gallon of water.
  • Air Filters:  1/4 tsp to qt. warm water.
  • Dusting:  1/8 tsp in pint of water, spray on and dry with clean cloth.
  • Wallpaper:  1/2 Tbsp per gallon of water.  Soak wallpaper with sponge & peel or scrape.
  • Coffeemakers:  Dilute 1/8 tsp Basic H2 in pot of water.  Run through cycle and coffee stains will rinse away.
  • Hand Washables:  1/2 tsp to a basin lukewarm water.
  • Ironing:  A few drops in steam iron keeps the jets & interior clean.
  • Fruit & Vegetables:  Use 1/8 tsp in pint of water (spray bottle with solution kept by sink is convenient).  Wash & rinse immediately.  Helps remove spray residue, dirt & waxes, also removes grit from leafy vegetables.

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