Nursery-School Gourmets

I love food and I love eating. I love eating food so much that I think about what I’m going to eat for breakfast at night and start planning dinner on the way to work! I was reading Time Magazine the other day and came across an article about how French schools are teach good eating habits from Nursery-school up.

The pieces of the article that were so powerful for me was around the focus on the meal:

  • They don’t rush and teach students that your meals should be a time that is dedicated to the task at hand
  • They always eat at the table, I grew up in a house like this and I believe we’re a closer family for having that time together
  • They showcase a verity of foods, instead of letting kids get stuck in 5 foods they allow and encourage them to try new things

Even though it’s just me and my husband we still eat at the table. It’s our focus on the meal and our time together at the end of a busy day to share what happened to us. Do you eat at the table or in front of the TV?


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