If you don’t feed me, I might rip your head off!

There are many words (*per my husband) to describe what happens to me if I don’t eat regularly and let my blood sugar drop below a certain point.  I try hard to avoid this – I like my husband and want to stay married – but on occasion it happens. I was doing some reading on the subject a few weeks back and found a great newsletter put out by another Shaklee distributor (attached) that shared the benefits of using Shaklee Glucose Regulation Complex to help with my low blood sugar ‘sympotoms’.

I decided to give it a try – I’m on day three of taking it so I’ll do an update to this post at the end of the month to let you know my results. I’m actually pretty excited about my little experiment as it’s something I didn’t know I had any control over. It’s funny how things can be like that in life. I had just accepted that I freak out when my blood sugar gets too low and the idea of changing that behavior seemed foreign. Now, it’s like I suddenly found my power!


*insane, nuts, crazy, head spinning around, angry…you get the idea


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