Do you know how many chemicals you wear a day?

Reuters has an article today about how the “Average UK woman wears 515 chemicals a day.” YIKES! While it doesn’t surprise me given the amount of product we ladies like to use just to leave the house, it’s still shocking that such a large consumer base isn’t demanding safe, natural products. I’ve been trusting my skin care to Shaklee for so long that I felt really lucky after reading the article that I don’t have to worry about the amount of chemicals I “host” on my body.

There is a great check list on Healthy Child Healthy World which runs down the list of ‘ingredients’ you should watch out for when buying personal care products.

Since I’ve started sharing Shaklee I’ve had a lot of people ask me right away about the shampoo and conditioner as they want to make the change to something that is safe for them and their household. I’ve attached the labels to the Shaklee shampoo and conditioner so you can check out the ingredients.

Shaklee Shampoo Shaklee Conditioner


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