Fed Up: School Lunch Project

I stumbled across a new blog yesterday called Fed Up: School Lunch Project. The premise is that a school teacher has decided to eat the school lunch where she works for a year to help raise awareness around the need for better nutrition and quality of food within our national school system.  My mother-in-law has worked as a elementary school lunch lady for the last year and a half (she just ‘retired’) so this blog really struck home to me as one of the main issues my mother-in-law noted was the nutritional value of what they were asked to serve the kids. I want to be clear here, I’m in no way putting down the food that is served as I know for some kids this is the only good meal they get a day and that it’s offered to them either for free or subsidized. It just makes me want to get more involved in our nation’s conversation around the importance of diet, health and how what we feed our kids today manifests later life.


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  1. I agree! I think that it’s because this might be the only good meal some kids get in a day we should be paying extra close attention to making sure it’s nutritionally sound.

    When I was in high school, I once came out of the lunch line with nothing but a bowl of cucumbers from the salad bar. Trudie, the BEST lunch cashier who ever lived and who looked exactly like you think a lunch cashier named Trudie might look, demanded I go back and get a sandwich as well. She refused to let me exit the food area until I had at least something of nutritional value on my plate.


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