Version 2.0 of the American Dream

I attended the annual Northeast Shaklee 2010 Kick-off meeting yesterday in Andover, MA and had the privilege of hearing Rich Higbee, VP Field Development at Shaklee, speak about what Shaklee has to offer this year. I passed my 3 1/2 month of business building at the beginning of January (I’m already at the stage where I have enough business that I get my products for free! This is huge considering that we have a complete Shaklee house!), so was excited to hear about the new things I would be able to share with people as part of the Shaklee opportunity. First and foremost, attending the meeting reaffirmed my resolve that I believe 100% in Shaklee’s commitment to providing the best Health and Wellness products on the market. I’m consistently impressed with the lengths the company goes to, to make sure it’s products have test after test to ensure the raw materials in the product is actually what’s supposed to be there. Rich noted the Landmark study as an example here which is an industry first for the health and wellness business. It’s a study that was conducted over 20 years which looks at the usage patterns, health and nutritional status of long-term multiple dietary supplement users. The URL is in case the link above doesn’t work.

Okay, on to the good stuff!

1) Shaklee Energy Chews! They introduced the Energy Chews at the meeting and I’m going to try to do it justice.

  • It looks like a wrapped Starburst and you take 1-2 Chews per serving (they gave out samples and I had one and let me tell you that thing has some kick! I could have easily cleaned my house at 2am :-))
  • The power in the Chew comes from Green Tea Extract and Vitamin D. Now’s here’s what I think is really interesting. Compared** to drinks like Red Bull or Monster, Chews have 10mg of sodium (Red Bull has 100mg and Monster 180mg) and only 6 grams of sugar. So you get an energy product that has no artificial flavors, sweetness or preservatives and all of the power! Chews have 120m of caffeine. I’m going to share some samples at the next couple Shaklee get togethers! LOVE IT.

2) Cinch is back and better then ever! They told us at the meeting that now through March  28th, if you sign-up on AutoShip to receive three months of the Cinch weight loss program that you get the fourth month for free! Really, that’s amazing and for those folks ready to take off pounds and loose inches, this is a wonderful holiday present.

I titled this post 2.0 of the American Dream as I walked out of the Shaklee meeting feeling really proud that I’ve taken initiative about my life and am active about my future and how I earn income. I have a wonderful corporate job, a fantastic Shaklee business which enables me to share my passion for health and wellness, and am launching a new venture this year called The Mosaic Art institute of Natick ( The time of complacency about our careers is over – today we have the power to make our lives what we want!

How about you all? Are you in the middle of any work/life changing opportunities?

**this is my personal comparison and is not a scientific statement. These numbers should not be taken as 100% correct


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