Top 10 Gross Things in Your House

Someone shared this list of the top ten gross things in your house from Science Discovery and I had to share with all of you. It’s really gross but funny at the same time as most of the things on the list are common sense and easily avoided!

The one that really got to me was #10 “Books and Papers” as I am a huge fan of books and treat my books as old friends…well I guess now they are dirty old friends 🙂 For your reading pleasure….

Ever heard of book lice?

 They live in paper, but they’re not particular: they’ll take flour, grain or cardboard if that’s all you got.

 Also known as psocids, the small, colorless insects feed on the mold and mildew that grow on books. Relax, they don’t™ bite humans … but they are really disgusting and can reach infestation proportions pretty quickly. How quickly? Well, parthenogenesis isn’t unheard of in psocids, meaning the females can lay eggs without ever having mated.

 It’s kind of a favorable trait, if you’re looking to build your population.


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