What Does Green Mean to You?

I had the great opportunity to talk with a graduate class at Fordham University in New York on Wednesday night about Shaklee. The class is part of a Corporate Responsibility program and the focus of this class is on ‘Getting Green.’

My friend Kelley invited me to come in as many of the students have been wondering about the steps they can take to make their own lives healthier and more green. It was an interesting presentation as I’m still learning about how to share Shaklee and the types of questions that people will ask. I was asked three questions that I had a hard time answering (below) so I was looking around for data this morning to see if I can find the answers. If anyone has this data please do share and I’ve inserted under each question the data I could find.

1) how does Shaklee source their products? couldn’t find good data here so I sent a note to Cindy Latham about this one.

2) what is the supply chain model? I found this about Shaklee’s Green strategy, but I also included this in my note to Cindy.

3) where have the clinical studies been published? Here is a good link for studies.


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