Spokane Co. high-phosphate detergent ban working

I lived in Portland, Ore for a few years and visited Spokane, WA for Thanksgiving one year so was VERY impressed to read that Spokane County is the only place in the country to ban phosphate-laden dishwashing detergents. Not only that, but this new article from The Seattle Times notes that one year later new data shows the effort appears to be working. The article notes:

Water coming into Spokane’s sewage plant during the first 12 months of the ban had nearly 11 percent less phosphorus than the annual average the previous three years, the Spokesman-Review reported.

Mike Coster, the plant’s operations superintendent, says the new law won’t have much of an effect on water flowing from the plant into the river since treatment removes much of the phosphorous.

But it will have a bigger impact on homes on septic or drain field systems, where water and phosphorous filter back into groundwater, he said.

“Any phosphorus reduction you can see there is going to have benefit to the river,” Coster said. “It’s not the total answer, but it’s one step.”

I’d love to see more counties giving this a try and while I don’t advocate anyone being forced to do something, I do believe we all have a responsibility to our environment and the health of the people we share this planet with.  If anyone is interested in giving the Get Clean products a try in your house please let me know!


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